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Simaf Group is a customer oriented design and supplying firm committed to on-time on-budget solutions.

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About Us

SIMAF Group works to provide the best materials to its customers with the highest quality and the most suitable prices. It is also a pioneer in this field at the regional and global level and is committed to the foundations of a relationship based on trust with the customer with experience of more than 25 years in the field of exporting building materials.


We produce according to the customers’ request with verity of interior and exterior doors options and materials.


very high quality stone for the best and most demand types of marble as we cut and shape based on request.


We have produce high durable and long lasting pipes with different pipes types and connection apparatus.


We made customized Furniture that get along with all types of designs for offices, houses, schools, hotels and many other areas.

Decorative Insulation

our products ensures the best heat and sound insulation. As it suits every interior and exterior surfers..

PVC Windows

PVC frames with all kinds of specification to suits all projects requests with great isolation for sound and heat

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