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Rehabilitation of Expressway is a long highway fence project located in Albasra, in Iraq.
Simaf Group and the municipality worked together for the project.
The highway fences, which started in 2018, have a total length of 200 km. 70 km of these large extensive highway fences has been completed. The rest is on hold.

Our highway fences are of high quality and thanks to its sustainability feature, it is a lifetime. It is resistant to impact and weather conditions with its high quality. Thus, it can be used in any climate without the need for renewal. They have the ability to resist moisture, precipitation and various external factors. It is extremely effortless in terms of the assembly process and has the advantage of comfortable use. It is an easy system for implementing. They don’t need extra cleaning and maintenance as they have quality and stainless material.It is safe for any accident (such as a car accident) with its durable structure not breaking down and causing no amage.

Many highway fences were required within the scope of the project and were provided by Simaf Group starting from their production to the point where they should be reached. Due to the quality of the equipment used, the motorway fences are durable and long lasting.

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