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The Al Noran Hotels project is a major project is located in Albasra, in Libya. Al Noran Hotel is a very large and luxurious hotel with highly technical meeting rooms, gym, office, VIP rooms and guest areas, which you can choose for your private meetings. The huge project started in 2019.
Materials submitted by Simaf Group for this large project: ceramics that cater to a wide area of 17,000 m2, construction materials large enough to cover the whole project, industrial kitchen equipment, wallpapers, electrical cables, generators, ceramic fixing materials, etc.. Materials required throughout the scope of the project; it is provided regularly from the production stage until it is delivered.
Ceramics used in the large scope of the project; water resistant and waterproof. According to the model used in the project, they are bright or matte and resistant to chemicals. Construction materials required for the project; have increased the reliability of the project due to many features such as quality and durability. Industrial kitchen equipment; thanks to its stainless steel feature, it is long lasting. Their size is comfortably designed for any kitchen. Wallpapers used from many regions of the project; sun resistant and color not to fade immediately. The wallpaper, which is easily cleaned through the material, has been adapted to the project. The electrical cables are protected with external protection and do not pass the temperature. At the same time, generators have been used in the project through savings and easy maintenance.
You can review photos of many operations such as materials produced for The Al Noran Hotels project, careful packaging of materials, transport patterns of products. If you wish, you can check our products and services or contact us for more information

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