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Al Farouq Residence or professor omar alrawy Residence project is located in Al-Anbar city in Al-Ramadi, in Iraq. A huge luxurious residence project that is built as a small neighborhood in the suburbs of Al-anbar city. The project contains 1500 deluxe two four villa and all kinds of facilities that a luxurious residential project might needs mall, health center, gym, mosque, school, sport yards and a lots of green areas with security points all over the project. The project started at 2015 and still going until today, the work of the project is divided into six stages three of them are totally finished two are finishing and the last one is under construction.

As a very huge project Simaf group have and still providing the project needs form building materials, which are PVC doors and windows, wooden doors, steel doors and a children park. Simaf started providing the project from 2018, through the past years we have provide the project based on the stages proses collaborating with the management of the project for our shipment to be delivered on time as customizing the products to suit the luxurious designs of the project and fulfill the needs of it with every aspect.
PVC products where used heavily in the projects for its endurance and sustainability as for its easy customization and sizing, it were used as windows for most of the project and doors for most of the facilities and balcony doors.
The wooden doors that were used in the project and produced from our side were laminated wooden doors, a high quality doors that its sizes produced upon request, with a verity of designs and costumed colors. It have also important features what made it the best choice for interior doors in the project like soundproof, 40 minutes fire endurance, Antibacterial and water resistance ….. etc.
One of our most iconic products that were provided are our safe steel doors, for exterior doors use, a very high end doors that is unbreakable and a life time product, which meet the need of such a deluxe villas needs and also costumed designe.

Al-farouq project is one of the biggest that we have done work with in Iraq, you can examine the photographs of many processes such as the materials produced, the careful packaging of the materials and the transportation patterns of the products form the gallery.
If you want you can check our products and services or contact with us for more information, as you can check the rest of the project that we have worked with from our portfolio.

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