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Furniture is a multipurpose piece of art made of a diverse set of materials, that might resemble historic, religious or futuristic designs. Through the years furniture evolved to meet the needs of each era thus it went through alterations in its main components and ideas to achieve so and this was possible thanks to its flexibility.

A classification of Furniture

Furniture nowadays has many classifications due to its many features and specifications, one of these classifications is according to its movability being either loose (moveable) or Fixed furniture that is not moveable, Loose Furniture is regularly seen in many sets such as sofas, tables, beds, chairs and other types of daily used furniture, on the other hand Fixed Furniture is the type of furniture connected to walls as seen in doors, doors cover, fixed kitchen and TV cabinets, dressings and wardrobes.

Fixed furniture through ages

Anciently fixed furniture was considered by some nations as the main type of furniture as they used to carve their furniture out of marble or rocks and thus it was inconvenient to move this type of furniture. Years passing furniture had to adapt to become movable and more flexible as being carved of heavy materials that makes it immovable has become a liability for progress, thus it was a only a matter of time for furniture to be made of transferrable light-weighted raw materials instead.

Nowadays people consider loose furniture the most widely used type of furniture, some people don't even acknowledge the presence of fixed furniture as a major type, while in fact fixed furniture is found in many sets and may represent the majority of furniture used in these sets such as kitchens, offices, lounges, universities, banks and restaurants.

Advantages of Fixed Furniture

Fixed furniture surpassed the modern definition of being connected to walls mainly and adopted the terms of being fixed to ground as well thus providing the constancy of its position in any set, this feature is believed to be of significant importance mostly in work sets as it spares the mess of scattered chairs tables and provides the merit of preserved symmetry and safety of the furniture in addition to the advantage of easier handling and cleaning, furthermore this helps in working areas in providing the most spatial area possible and this specific feature is seen in restaurants lounges mainly and other types of lounges generally.

A brief on furniture

Serving multidisciplinary functions furniture is used either for seating, storing, decorative, or any of its many purposes. To serve such a diversity of needs furniture is built of a variety of raw materials including different types of wood, metals, plastic based materials, fabrics and even concrete and marble.

Being one of the most important industries through the world furniture is known for its exquisite artistic designs as well as providing the simple yet elegant designs, thus through its varying specifics furniture has become flexible enough to serve all the distinct needs and necessities.

Turkey and furniture

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the furniture industry as well being one of the top ten furniture exporting countries around the world. Moreover, Turkish ambitions are set to become one of the top five furniture countries before the year of 2030. Turkish furniture is well known for blending between eastern and western designs as well as varying between classic and modern designs.

Wood made furniture is one of the renowned Turkish products as the natural wood used is extracted of the finest types of trees in turkey, after extraction the wood is moved to warehouses to be stored in an environment designated for this specific reason, then it is processed by professionals to be put into the most prefect shape and state possible to be used in crafting the well-known wood-based furnishings.

In case of classic Turkish furniture holding traditional Turkish arts and designs related such as Ottoman based designs a few of very highly skilled professionals are put to carve and engrave the wood into a majestic design that is then merged to the furniture already made as mentioned before.

Turkish furniture industry manufactures furniture made of other materials than wood in the same professional manner in order to provide the best quality possible, meanwhile making high-quality furniture doesn’t necessarily mean creating expensive one as Turkish furniture is considered a high-quality at a very reasonable price in order to meet the public needs.

Fixed or loose furniture?

Some people might argue that loose furniture is the best to be used in most of settings while others might argue the contrary.

In fact, each of both types has its own pros and cons; as in case of Loose furniture it is easier to move it and thus you can redecorate your setting easily from time to time and thus you earn the merit of flexibility and change, but in the same time your render the furniture more liable to damage every time you move it. On the other hand, Fixed furniture provides constancy and monotony thus by having it you gain the merit of strict system tidiness and safety of the furniture, but this as well come with a cost which is monotony and inflexibility.

As a conclusion we deduce that each type is better used than the other type to serve a specific reason. And after observing every set you can find out that combining both types; Loose and Fixed furniture, together gives the best possible solution as in most settings there should be some furniture that is moveable while the rest furniture is best to be kept in its place unmoved.

Finally, if you are an enthusiastic person looking for change every while we recommend Loose furniture, and if you are a conservative person, we recommend you having Fixed furniture, or if you are a mixture of both personalities, we recommend having both types in the same time using Loose furniture in areas permitting moveability and Fixed furniture in areas restricting it and requiring minimality of so.




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