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Eco-friendly and sustainable building materials

The earth's resources are limited and so with the astonishingly quick growth of the human numbers these resources have come close to depletion. not only due to the consumption of the resources in humongous amounts, but also due to the damage caused to the resources that still persist in nature by the eco-unfriendly materials and industries through the toxic fumes and wastes they produce.

This situation is considered the greatest crisis and dilemma for the human race and their existence on this planet for the time being, therefore studies were made and laws were put and the conclusion was that eco-friendly and sustainable materials are to become the main sources for raw materials for industries replacing the eco-unfriendly materials and thus extending the life of earth and its resources.

What are Eco-friendly materials

Being Eco-friendly means that this material is either completely natural and thus holds no danger towards environment or it is a synthetic material which through all of its synthesis processes no harm to the environment is ever done. So, a brief definition of Eco-friendly materials is the materials that are not environmentally harmful.

What are Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials are eco-friendly materials that possess an important environmental, social and economic benefits and in the same time help in protecting the public health and environment.

Recent studies show that for a material to be called sustainable it should combine some of the following characteristics which are:

  • Client's satisfaction: as if it didn’t satisfy the client, it won’t live long in the market.
  • Having double impact: over both the social and ecological levels and in a positive manner.
  • Being eco-friendly: to survive through the evolution and the trend of change to clean power and green materials to protect the environment.
  • Continuous and significant improvement: the material better hold great effect over socio-ecological issues on a global level, and these effects should be consistently evolving in order to keep up with the industrial and technological evolutions.

Simaf group's initiation and role in sustaining environment

Simaf group has taken the initiation to trade green building products as it has become a major priority to limit the contamination and pollution of the environment and keep up with the increasing need of more housings and to achieve such goal Simaf group offers the following materials that are considered green which means they are eco-friendly and sustainable;

  • UPVC frames which are considered one of the best green building materials nowadays due to its longevity and its remarkable effect of reducing carbon emission also this type replaces PVC frames that were used previously but no longer due to their harmful effect over environment.
  • Aluminium frames which are made out Aluminium metal which is a naturally harvested metal that is processed to create a top-notch recyclable frame that is insulating to heat and sound and thus improves the ecological status and lowers the need to use of heating and cooling systems and thus reduces carbon emission.
  • As for Tiles Simaf group provides Ceramics and Marbles; as for Marbles they are natural stones that are harvested in an eco-friendly procedure and they have a life estimation of around 100 years which is considered one of the longest half-lives for a building material. As for Ceramics they are tiles made out of one of many chemical complexes mainly clay thus they are made of natural ingredients and as marbles their manufacturing processes are completely eco-friendly.

Both marble and ceramic are not recyclable unfortunately but their longevity compensates this minor issue.

  • Doors either wooden doors of different types of wood or steel doors. In both cases the raw materials used are natural and recyclable due the wide usage of reclaimed steel and wood lately. In case of solid wooden doors, the whole door is made out of wood slabs that are completely natural and can be recycled into reclaimed wood and used over and over again thus these materials are definitely eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • PPR Pipes are the main type of pipes traded by Simaf group as they are of exquisite features such as flexibility, durability and resistance to chemicals and rust, as well as a longevity for around 50-100 years approximately, which makes this type of pipes highly sustainable. Moreover, it is eco-friendly as well as its production needed energy is considered scarce and produces minimal pollution in rare cases.
  • The façades provided by Simaf group are made out of raw materials that are 100% recyclable, also these facades allow thermal and moisture insulation. By doing so they reduce the expensive costs spent over heating and cooling systems and limits their usages which in turn reduces the total carbon emission which is considered a dangerous polluting factor. So, they protect the environment and serve as an eco-friendly decorative insulation.
  • Furniture suitable for different settings such as houses, hospitals, working spaces, etc. this furniture is made out of reclaimed and refined woods so it is eco-friendly and recyclable as well.
  • Common building materials such as brick, concrete, cement, wood and iron are all recyclable thus Simaf group provides recyclable materials to every building and institution needed whether for exterior or interior usages.

Advantages of using Eco-friendly and Sustainable materials

  • Cost-effective products with higher demands as the green buyers are loyal and growing rapidly and ready to pay more for the same service as long as it is eco-friendly.
  • Healthier life as they are free of harmful chemicals so green products are associated with cozier, healthier and brighter environments that has become the trend recently as it was discovered that these environments are better mentally and physically.
  • Better social Brand image as societies recently prefer eco-friendly industries and materials and at the same time, they are boycotting the eco-unfriendly ones.
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Long Living products when operated properly that saves energy and reduces the energy bills spent.
  • Lower Maintenance costs
  • Better reputation among workers and other firms and safer legal ground of working concerning the constantly changing legalizations that are in favor of better and more eco-friendly affect.

Hesitant yet?

Eco-friendly and sustainable materials are the future of every industry present in our meantime as they have numerous favorable features in the different aspects of life such as economy, ecology and health as well. So, you better make up your mind and go all in for green products as they are the present and the future as well.

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