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Importing goods bring new and exciting products to the local economy and makes it possible to build new products
locally. Exporting import boosts the economy and business increase their revenue.
Even though limits that are a result of development and globalization and that create differences between countries have
been gradually declining, there are a number of reasons that make it important to import from Turkey. Natural resources
of Turkey, its geographical location, labor force, technology, information systems, capital and investment opportunities
are among the many attractive factors for making imports from Turkey.
If we were to list ‘6 reasons import from Turkey:

  1. Geographical location and natural resource wealth;
    In the new World, the position is the most important factor and power. Turkey, which is located in the passageway on
    three continents, has a geopolitical advance. Problems that may be caused by geological reasons are minimal due to the
    location. Sources in Turkey (natural resources and geographical advantage) increases the product quality in the primary
    stage of production and despite the high quality of the products, prices are still very affordable on the market. These are
    additional factors that put Turkey among the initial options for import around the globe.

  2. High product quality;
    The customers, can import their expected needs and requests from Turkey with the best product quality. Even if product
    quality is considered as a subjective concept, certain conditions and standards objectify the quality. The quality of the
    products produced in Turkey - in all areas that they are produced for - has a good level of performance, suitability, reliability and durability. Moreover, in terms of ensuring the best use, service coverage, aesthetics and the reputation of the country are the causes of the import requests from Turkey.
  3. Price options-profitable investment;
    With a wide variety of brands, they can find the product that suits them. Thus, it is possible to appeal to every customer
    and sector. Since the materials are more accessible, more suitable products can be found. Importing the product is not
    difficult from Turkey, as transport costs are cheap and fast. Generally, the investment return with a really high profit rate.
    Successful investing is defines as a high profitable investment in the world. With a booming economy, Turkey is wide
    out as an indispensable resource, especially for foreign investors in recent years.

  4. Technology and factory development;
    Turkey has been working actively on four continents by using international standards of financial, administrative and
    technological tools and it has employees that are talented and experienced. Large and advanced factories located in
    Turkey are best in the sector. There are different factories with high end technology for many products. Following the
    technology closely and producing the product in factories ensures minimum cost and maximum product. There is mass
    production. The fact that there are many workers ensures that there aren’t problems during the procurement process of
    the product. The product meets the quality expectation of the customer as the workers are knowledgeable.

  5. After sales services;
    The success of a product in the market and their further growth depends on the quality, price and also service given after
    the sales happened in accordance with the convenience of buyer. Turkey offers ongoing services after completing the
    sale. It attaches great importance to after-sales services such as the warranty, installation and customer satisfaction of
    the product. Its services continue after the sale of the product.

  6. Being good at the sector;
    According to GSYIH numbers in 2018, Turkey is the world's largest 18th and Europe's 7th economy. In general, when
    the economy is growing, consumer demand grows and the sector will see an increased demand for higher end
    products. Turkey balances such events and guides the sector. With regard to Construction Services, Turkey is considered
    among the leading countries in the international construction market in the world and is at an advanced level in
    competition. That is due to the reliability, creativity and cost effectiveness. According to the leading international
    magazine "ENR-Engineering News Record", Turkey, in 2017, with 46 companies among the top 250 contracting ones,
    comes in second place after China in the world.
    The six reasons mentioned provide import convenience in Turkey and leave its competitors behind with the facts that it
    is a preferred country.

The information above displays that in international areas, Turkey has a higher competitive advantage compared to
many other countries. In accordance with that, if we look at the concept of Porter's innovation, the country’s continuous
innovation skills and this highly competitive position, may be viewed at the forefront. Through the country’s ability to
meet these standards on an advanced level and its possession of all the necessary forces, it can be commented on why it
should be chosen as an important source of import.
Importing products from Turkey; it is that the imported product benefits from the highest quality for the best
price. Turkey is a prominent country to countries that consider price-performance important.

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