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Building materials are necessary to resist the various natural factors affecting buildings, and there are many materials used in construction, whether solid materials such as stones and timber or loose materials such as sand and cement, and it is necessary to match building materials to work requirements and quality standards, and we will present in this article the types of building materials.

it is one of the most important materials used in construction at the present time, and it can be defined as a substance or mixture formed from water, cement, sand, and a type of aggregate such as gravel, these materials are mixed together to form a homogeneous mixture through the process of It is called the time of doubt. It is worth noting that the Romans were the first to use this material about two thousand years ago, and they used it in their buildings for many reasons, including: its ability to form easily, and the ability of anyone to do it after a simple training, and among the types of concrete:

  • Concrete mortar: It is a mixture of gravel. with a quantity of sand and cement mortar.
    Soft concrete: It is the concrete, and it is formed from natural gravel or fracture resulting from hard stone with an amount of pure sand, in addition to an amount of fine powder and cement.
  • Ordinary concrete: It is the cleanliness concrete, and it is not used in buildings that are subjected to stresses or loads, and is usually used to fill the voids in the structures, or to stabilize the soil built on top of those structures.
  • Reinforced concrete: It is poured using iron bars to support it and increase its strength and ability to bear large weights.It is often used in bridges, high buildings, and roofs.

is the most important building material in the world, and it has been known for hundreds of years, and it was considered one of the remnants of volcanoes, then it developed in the Middle Ages and became made of limestone and clay, and then in modern times it has become a dry sandy form.

It has many types, some of which have the shape of cylindrical bars of different thicknesses, and some of them take the form of ribbed bars with shortened ends in the middle, and iron is used to reinforce and strengthen concrete, so it is called reinforced concrete.

and is used to form the space in which concrete is required to be poured so that it takes the shape of that space.

are pieces in the form of a cuboid, and they are made of clay and water, and they are used in the construction of the walls of buildings between the columns, and there is a type of it that is used to build ceilings along with iron and concrete.

Other materials:

  • White sand: It is stone powder, and it is mixed with cement and water to form concrete.
  • Tile: It is used to cover building floors, and there are many types of it, including: ceramic, granite and marble.
  • Gravel: It is spread under the tiles in buildings to obtain flat surfaces, and a small amount of it is used in the concrete mixture to increase its cohesion with iron.
  • Paints: They are used to paint buildings from the inside with different colors. 

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