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What is marble?

Marble is one of the most important natural materials used in construction projects. Marble is used in decorations, luxurious floors, and kitchens. It has modern uses, as it is also used in manufacturing furniture, such as offices, and it is a very strong material with a long life.

Marble has been used for long ages, as its uses date back to several centuries BC, and the most famous ancient world monuments are made of marble, especially ancient monuments belonging to the Pharaonic, Greek and Roman civilizations.

In the following article, you will find everything you need to know about marble and its uses, and we will show the most important types and how to choose the right marble for your project.

marble material

Marble Composition

Marble is a metamorphic rock material. Marble is made of calcite (calcium carbonate mineral), and the marble material is called metamorphic limestone by some, but it differs from non-metamorphic limestone, as it is a little stronger than it and its uses are wider. 

The marble material is produced from the crystallization of pure limestone, and the crystallization process takes place in the ground under high temperature and pressure conditions. We find that the marble material contains different shapes and colors that result from the quality of the materials involved in this process.

History Of Marble Material

The history of the use of marble goes back in time, some say that it dates back to a very long time, and we may notice its use in ancient monuments in various civilizations and places.

Types Of Marble

We will show you some of the types of marble according to the colors. The marble is a natural material and not an industrial one, and the different colors are not manufactured but produced naturally, and the different colors of marble are not only in the color but in the internal and industrial characteristics of the type.

White marble (Blanco, a Spanish word meaning white in English)

White marble is the most widely used and widespread type of marble. It is widely used in homes and companies. It is easy to carve and shape. There are four types of white marble:

    • Blanco Ibiza: This type is extracted from Turkey, specifically the city of Mugla, and is characterized by purity and luster, which makes it an excellent choice for decorations and floors.
  • Blanco Carrara: It is a famous type from Italy, which is the first country in marble, and this type is characterized by high quality.
  • Blanco Tranco: This type is extracted from Spain, and is used in floors, stairs and countertops.
  • Blanco Macael: This type is also Spanish, and is characterized by the purity of its white color in addition to distinctive veins, and has many uses in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Black marble:

This type is characterized by luxury and elegance, and some prefer white marble in modern designs in particular.

Gray marble

This color allows the user to control the surrounding decor comfortably, as the gray color matches many other colors.

Cream marble

This color of marble is preferred by many people in bedrooms, and therefore cream-coloured marble is widely used in interior designs.

Brown marble

The brown color goes well with desks and wooden furniture, which makes this type a favorite for many interior applications.

Marble Features:

Marble has many advantages, some of which we will mention:

  • Natural Material

One of the most important features of marble is that it is a natural material that does not undergo many chemical treatments. It is naturally found in the form of slabs that are cut and shaped according to demand.

  • The shape

Marble has a unique material and shape. In our time and previous eras, marble is the most beautiful and luxurious type of building material, and we always see it in the most luxurious and prestigious places.

  • Hardness

Marble has a very high hardness, as it is a durable and indestructible rock material.

  • High Resistance

Marble material has a high heat resistance and wears resistance but care must be taken when cleaning it.

Because of its high resistance, the marble material lives for a long life without damage or change, and we see its strong endurance through the long-lived statues and monuments that remained a long time ago.

  • Transparency

Marble is a transparent material, and light can pass through it, and this makes marble enter into artistic applications in furniture.

  • shaping and decoration

Although marble is a solid rocky material, it is formed by powerful machines, and it can be painted in any desired shape to produce a shape that matches the desired place or design.

And many other characteristics make it an excellent choice for many uses.

Marble Uses

Due to the many characteristics and advantages that marble enjoys, its use has become very wide and widespread, and marble is used in many places, including:

  • Floors of buildings and rooms
  • Bathroom floors
  • The stairs
  • Sculptures, monuments and statues
  • Kitchens and decorations
  • Furniture like tables

Marble In Turkey

Turkey is one of the first countries in the world in marble production and the first in the region in terms of quality and exports. Turkey exports marble to more than 70 countries around the world, including the United States, China, India and the UAE.

Marble is extracted widely in Turkey from several regions, including Marmara Island, Tokat, Izmir, Afyon, Adıyaman and Kütahya.

Black and white marble are the two most common types in Turkey, and as we mentioned previously, Blanco Ibiza marble is one of the most famous types in the world, and it is produced in Turkey.

Things To Pay Attention To When Choosing Marble

The type and quality of marble is a key factor in choosing it and determining its price. Marble is considered a luxurious and heavy material, but you can choose the right type for you and it is preferable to choose a strong type to live longer.

Marble color: One of the advantages of marble is that it is found in many natural colors from the place of its origin, and therefore there are many options in terms of colors that are chosen according to the place to be placed in it.

Determining dimensions and measurements: Before buying marble, the space that it will occupy must be determined, and the required dimensions, colors and quality are determined when choosing a decoration.

Budget: As we mentioned, marble is a heavy, luxurious material. Fortunately, there are many types that can be chosen easily and according to the budget allocated to it.

In the end, marble is a strong and natural material in addition to its unique shape. The uses of marble are widespread everywhere and it is an ideal choice for floors and decorations. We find marble in the most luxurious places.

Turkish marble is one of the best types of marble in the world, and Turkey ranks fifth in the production and export of marble around the world.

In this article, we have mentioned the types, features and uses of marble, and we hope that the article will be useful to you when choosing marble. On our SIMAF website, you will find a variety of the best and most beautiful types of distinguished Turkish marble.

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