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There are many types and features of pipes, which have an important place, especially in the construction sector. Although there are some changes in their properties, pipes in general are long lasting, durable and high quality products.

HDPE Pipes: It is the right choice for pipe production and pipe applications with its high quality physical and chemical properties. It is a safe and durable pipe. It is a low cost and long lasting option. Corrosion does not occur and there is no rust microorganism formation. It can be used for approximately 50-100 years. Despite its flexible structure, it is also quite hard and highly resistant to friction. Convenient joining shape and upholstery are provided on request. It has no bad effect on the environment and is scarce in the energy used for its production. The costs of moving are inexpensive. It is reliable against events such as earthquakes. It is resistant to abrasion, friction, water and has a non easy rust features. Injection is a type of pipe suitable for many areas such as extrusion, powder coating, filming, rotary molding and electrical applications.

GRP Pipes: It is produced from corrosion resistant, non metal material. It is an affordable option as no additional isolation is required. It is lighter than concrete and steel. Since it can be transported by nesting, the cost of transportation is low. It does not require expensive mounting equipment and is easy and fast to lay. It does not hold lime and does not form sediment. It is laid on the ground or as well as under water. Provides complete sealing with sealed sleeve connections. It has yawning properties. It is a reliable option for earthquake zones. It can be laid in the refurbishment of old lines and into existing pipes. It's not harmful to the environment.

PVC Pipes: Due to the smooth and biofilm free structure of the wall surface, the prevention of water pollution adds an environmental pipe feature. It also minimizes fluid friction and flow resistance thanks to its internal surface. Its long lasting structure and resistance to highly effective chemicals increase its use against industrial waste. It is highly resistant to erosion and wear. The costs are low because the need for cleaning and maintenance is low.  With its bending and yawning feature, it provides appropriate movement to the environment in case of exposure to overloads. Easy to transport and install. Attachments are simple and easy to assemble, testable and can be put into service quickly. It is a long lasting option.

Fittings: Apart from a necessary element of the pipeline, fittings ensure the tightness of the joints and are also responsible for the reliability of the system. The durability of the entire pipeline depends on them. It is an environmentally friendly option that is resistant to aggressive environments. It is a long lasting and affordable option. It consists of high quality materials so that they do not rust. Apart from its benefits, it can also be used for decorative purposes in the construction sector with its bright appearance.

Valves: Valves, which are an economical option, are resistant to high pressure. There are different size options. It is resistant to heat. It can be used repeatedly. This functionality makes it durable and cost effective. Since there are many different valves, they can be diversified according to the desired services.

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