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Our Nyla Court, Aura, Altitude Residence projects are big projects in Ghana for our Cornerstone customer. Nyla Court is a project of rich and meticulously detailed detached townhouses. The houses in the project are 325 square meters and consist of four bedrooms, five bathrooms, three living rooms and a study spread over three floors. These houses will provide contemporary living, comfort and comfort with an ultra modern design. Nyla Court uses the best interior design finishes that combine subtlety and functionality. These beautiful houses are fully air conditioned with a great open plan
layout. Aura is an exclusive residence. The complex provides contemporary living in an ultra modern design on six floors with a collection of one, two and three bedroom apartments, duplexes and duplexes. Residents are offered ventilated underground parking, a landscaped courtyard, a rooftop garden, a fitness center and a pool.Altitude Residence draws attention to its unique architecture. Altitude Residence features a state of the art rooftop pool, sun terrace, a fully equipped and air conditioned gym and wellness center.

As Simaf Group, we have provided most materials for these major projects from production to supply. Materials submitted to the project; ceramic adhesive, ceramic tile, exterior ceramic mounting profiles, main power distribution panel, wooden door set, white gypsum board, profile for plasterboard and kitchen countertops. The ceramic adhesives used are resistant and safe to heat differences. Ceramic tiles are resistant to high quality, hard, solid, water or any environmental factors. Exterior ceramic mounting systems are suitable for energy efficiency conditions. This shock resistant system has easy
mounting capability. It does not stain and is resistant to bad weather. It prevents the building from receiving water with its low water absorption feature. Buildings are also resistant to abrasion. The system, which is used in hundreds of color options, does not allow the formation of moisture and moisture in the building, as it allows air circulation in it. The main power distribution panel is an important event in terms of building electricity and energy and has been presented to the project with its choice of reliable and durable with high quality. The wooden door set is weather resistant, robust
and visually beautiful looking option. White gypsum plate provides armoring of the sub material against all external factors, especially fire, in constructive surface applications. The gypsum sheet has increased durability, flexibility and refractive resistance resulting from the special surface carton and pulp additive in the core layer. Thanks to its high quality, durability and material, the kitchen countertop makes it feel personalized with its long-lasting and taste based design.

You can examine the photographs of many processes such as the materials produced, the careful packaging of the materials, the transportation patterns of the products, and at the same time you can examine our site for different projects if you want.

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