Nirvana Premium

Nirvana Premium

Window and Door Systems

With Nirvana Premium, the superior window of energy efficiency, your living spaces breathe and the chaos of the world remains outside your home thanks to its unique heat, sound, dust, air, and water insulation.

Profile width:80 mm
Number of chambers:6
Profile class:A Class (TS EN 12608-1)
/RAL 716-GZ A Class
Gasket system:Inner-Outer and Middle gaskets, triple gasket system
Gasket type / color:TPE - Gray / Black
Glass thickness (mm):24, 30, 36, 44, 52
Whew:0.95 W / m 2 K

Superior Insulation :

  • Nirvana Window and Door System profiles have a low thermal conductivity value (Uf = 0.95 W / m²K). It allows the use of 44 mm triple glass units (Ug = 0.6-0.7 W / m²K). The heat transmittance value of Nirvana series windows applied with such glasses is * Uw = 0.78 W / m²K and provides superior thermal insulation (*: calculated value).
  • The main profiles of the Nirvana Premium Window and Door System are 80 mm wide. It provides air, water, sound, and dust insulation as well as heat and sound insulation, thanks to its 6-chamber profiles and its gray-black, non-staining elastic gaskets.
  • The triple gasket system, including inner-outer and middle gaskets, contributes to heat and sound insulation and protects the equipment used in wing opening against corrosion and ensuring a long life. Durable and flexible gaskets with high UV resistance, resistant to variables such as humidity or ambient temperature are used.
  • Its low thermal conductivity value significantly reduces heating and cooling costs and is called the superior window of energy efficiency.

Safety and Security :

  • Some rails allow the use of double glazing, triple glazing, and panels with a width of 24-30-36-44-52 mm. Provides high security in safe glass combinations up to 52 mm Increased security window and door systems can be applied with alternative hardware products.

Design :

  • Nirvana Premium Window and Door System is a series with a specially designed façade middle record profile that provides high resistance to wind load in high-rise buildings. It was subjected to various tests by the RAL-Germany Institute, which consists of German quality companies, and received a quality assurance certificate.
  • It does not compromise your view by enlarging the glass area with its optimized PVC door profile height, allowing for spacious spaces.
  • In addition to the white color, it has laminated profiles in 13 different colors and patterns, and it fits perfectly with the architecture of your home.
  • Thanks to the special design laths, aesthetic PVC profile glass combinations are provided.
  • It provides visual integrity on the interior surface and joinery-wall joints with its self-ribbed PVC profile.
  • It provides functional use with different opening types.

Accessory :

  • You can choose different colors of window and door handles to match the architectural style of your home.
  • You can control the light by being in full harmony with the Pastor shutter system.
  • It is suitable for fly screen system applications.
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